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Nice stuff!

The Artscience people are already working with stuff  like this. They are working specifically with the adruino boards for their projects.

We also have Victor in Srishti to help us with it!

I think this is really great with relation to what we are thinking of doing!

More information here>>

More about the artist here >>



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Micro spaces / public interaction

This is a really powerfull microscope made in the hacteria workshop,and it is made only of a digicam.It’s really cheap,easy to make and easy to use!

At the last day of this workshop they plan to get these devices out of the lab and use it in public spaces, for viewing materials like pond water,sewage,rust on buses, normal drinking water,etc involving the public aswell.

Similar devices are also being proposed in the area of public health, for quick and interactive medical works like blood test (it can detect micro-particles like maleria virus).

I think it is a very interesting interaction with public spaces or even spaces in general, and is also quite different from what we have been doing. Since the workshop runs on a very flexible basis, each one of us should go and check these things out.

get more info on


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The KR market shoot

IMG_0280 - Copy

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Keep 24th July free for ‘Modernism Unbound?’

Vikram Prakash Lecture

As we build India’s cities to take their rightful place in the global network of world cities, must we envisage them to be just like Singapore or LA, or will they require the invention of a new, indigenous paradigm to ensure success?

Architect and historian, Dr. Vikramaditya Prakash will discuss the issues confronting Chandigarh today as its administration tries to ‘upgrade’ it to make it a player in the global economy. Focusing on issues of conservation, sustainability, and the ethics of practice, Dr. Prakash will present the recent work of the University of Washington’s ‘Chandigarh Urban Lab’ project in terms of the larger question of the future of India’s cities.

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whatsup with the psy. maps

hey guys Monday is the day we have to show our psy. maps                                           are you like ready with atleast to say a proper idea ??

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Balance between the flower and the leaf

.Balance between the flower and the leaf

The green color used in this image is extracted from the leaves. Tanvee and i were taught  how to do this from a kind lady at the flower market. I used it in my sketch because, from all the time i spent in the flower market that particular morning i realized that green plays an important role adding a certain essence to the flower.

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