Painting Walls at Brigade Road

The exercise was to advertise for K.R.Market using paint on any wall on Brigade Road.
We could either using tactics of direct advertisement of an event or the purpose of the market, or we could bring out the voice of a person intrinsic to that space.

We briefly analyzed various types of signage in and around our environment. Then, we came up with several styles of representing an idea and then decided to paint a film poster in typical ‘local’ style which advertised a peculiar character named Khadir, who we encountered during our time spent there.

Our Khadir Film Ad

This lead us onto painting a direct advertisement for what the flower market is known for.

Flowar Makket

We signed all our public art work under the title ‘Geetu Arts’.

Geetu Arts Signature


The second part of this excercise was carried out by us in yelahanka. We did one wall-painting and one ground rangoli. 100_0886

The wall-painting was a film poster for a movie titled “KR Market and the sea of flowers.” We used the bright colours that are common amongst film posters and style that was fairly graphic.



The ground rangoli done outside the bus stop used bright colours and the kannada script itself. Infact we had made a slight error towards the end and some people actually covered up the errant letter with yellow powder and re-did it for us.


It was an initiative that tried to encourage the viewers to patronize  their local markets.


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