Street Signs

Tanvee Nabar:

My basic idea is to use the traditional format of street signs found in Bangalore i.e the green and white signs that dispense advise about driving and safety. The reason for this is so that the signs get taken ‘seriously’ as they resemble government endorsed signs while, asking the reader to perform commonly considered innane activities like humming or smiling. These will change every week as a series in different areas in a certain vicinity.

sign 5

sign 6

sign 4

Neha Bhat:

After a number of iterations on the topic, this sign seemed the most fulfilling.

I needed the Street Sign I was designing to be able to question some indelible and deeply ingraned notions of ‘I Never Ask for It’ in society.

‘Hot Hudgi Here’ turned out to be quite an apt tagline for the same.The sign follows the template of a globalised, authoritative one that one finds in places like Airports. The word ‘Hudgi’ in Kannada means ‘girl’.It asks the viewer to look at  a girl since she openly declares that she is hot. She invites publicly.

It provokes the idea of ‘Asking for It’.

It blatantly ‘Asks For It’ in a public scale, as opposed to the conventional notion of ‘Asking for It’ being a subtle behavioral trait that is mostly perceived underhand.
The outreach of this sign can be further explored by printing T-Shirts of the same sign and asking every female on a street to wear it at the same time.

In Context:

Pooja Gupta

My signs have this very generalized look to them, so that they would be considered seriously by passerby’s.

Sign 1

This one is meant for those areas where there is a possibility that one can be sexually harassed and hence asking them to maintain a certain distance.


This one is to say that you can be winked at in the zone ahead of you. To give a signal to the women who have to pass by.

Sign 3

In context:

In Place 2

Sign in place 3

In Place 1


sign in park2

This sign is meant to be put up in a park keeping in mind the recent decisions made by the BBMP to corden of parks and make them less accessible to “lovers”. so this is a sign to be put up in areas that are meant for the lovers (by default) to in a way let people know that they are free to love and warn people that the approaching area is where this right will be freely exercised.

speedsign in parkthis sign is very specific to a park bench. i want to give the idea of relaxation in a park. i am almost enforcing this upon the park users to slow down while in the park, to breathe for a moment as they sit and relax amidst nature.


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