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PSP-Final Projects

Since everyone has some kind of documentation ready immediately, I ask you to post some text + images abt your project on the new page on the blog here:

Please log in and access this page and update your work:

Please do this right now, because the link needs to be sent out ASAP.


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The Blank Noise Page

The Blank  Noise Page is  under ‘Course Work’.

The blog has been updated.
All our stuff as been made copies of on separate pages on the Blank Noise according to assignment.
Everyone has uploaded different things on the blog.

Please check each of the pages under the main page called ‘BLANK NOISE WITH JASMEEN PATHEJA’ and make sure each assignment has your stuff up by tomorrow.


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market illustrations


market and the mosque


Hello people

I am thinking of making a set of illustrations on flower market,which can be further developed as a book or postcards or whatever!

please note that this is not anyway related to my final project, this is just for me and might be used somehwere in our projects !

Please send me pictures that are interesting and even your sketches to be worked on if you don’t mind.

very thanku

(posted by piyushkashyap)

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Wiimote by nintendo

using WIIMOTE + PROGRAMMING we can make people  interact just by moving this remote in their hands and no computer comes in their way!

Read more about the product >>>




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For Interactivity

Nice stuff!

The Artscience people are already working with stuff  like this. They are working specifically with the adruino boards for their projects.

We also have Victor in Srishti to help us with it!

I think this is really great with relation to what we are thinking of doing!

More information here>>

More about the artist here >>


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The KR market shoot

IMG_0280 - Copy

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Balance between the flower and the leaf

.Balance between the flower and the leaf

The green color used in this image is extracted from the leaves. Tanvee and i were taught  how to do this from a kind lady at the flower market. I used it in my sketch because, from all the time i spent in the flower market that particular morning i realized that green plays an important role adding a certain essence to the flower.

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