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market illustrations


market and the mosque


Hello people

I am thinking of making a set of illustrations on flower market,which can be further developed as a book or postcards or whatever!

please note that this is not anyway related to my final project, this is just for me and might be used somehwere in our projects !

Please send me pictures that are interesting and even your sketches to be worked on if you don’t mind.

very thanku

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Blowup-A Street Intervention on 7th

Blowup wants to take photography to where it belongs – to the streets of our cities. Most of us have been shooting street at one time or another now it is time to take our photography – shove our hands in some adhesive “wheatpaste” glue – and plaster away. Take back what is ours.

Church Street, Bangalore. Koshy’s to Brigade Road, from Temptation to Blossoms – on walls and on postboxes. In coffee shops and paan shops.

The Blind Boys Website: Click Here

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Keep 24th July free for ‘Modernism Unbound?’

Vikram Prakash Lecture

As we build India’s cities to take their rightful place in the global network of world cities, must we envisage them to be just like Singapore or LA, or will they require the invention of a new, indigenous paradigm to ensure success?

Architect and historian, Dr. Vikramaditya Prakash will discuss the issues confronting Chandigarh today as its administration tries to ‘upgrade’ it to make it a player in the global economy. Focusing on issues of conservation, sustainability, and the ethics of practice, Dr. Prakash will present the recent work of the University of Washington’s ‘Chandigarh Urban Lab’ project in terms of the larger question of the future of India’s cities.

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