Pooja Gupta

My reason for choosing this course, Public spaces, is because i appreciate learning practically as compared to theoretically. Also, to interact with different people who have lots to offer to us.



For this exercise i choose to go into the market area and offer free advertising to whosoever was concerned. While doing so, the main thing i realized was that people show interest only when the need arises within them. As in when i walked around with a board that said free advertising, a regular passerby showed no interest whereas the shopkeepers got curious as to what this was about only because they have a need to advertise.


Balance between the flower and the leaf

Balance between the flower and the leaf

The green color used in this image is extracted from the leaves. Tanvee and i were taught how to do this from a kind lady at the flower market. I used it in my sketch because, from all the time i spent in the flower market that particular morning i realized that green plays an important role adding a certain essence to the flower.

The days hustle-bustle begins


Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise


During this workshop, we were to explore three different tools and see how we could work with them. Personally i enjoyed using the brush and the vernacular scripts.Below are few of my worksheets from the workshop.


Tool:Reed Pen


Tool:Reed Pen


Tool:Reed Pen



My Reflections


2 responses to “Pooja Gupta

  1. geetu

    “do not let her sit with you this way, she will use you and then leave”.

    Pooja- the notion of ‘use’ comes up repeatedly in your response. Can you explore this notion further? What is it about human interaction that elicits this emotion or feeling of use? Is it inherent in the nature of exchange, highlighted by some forms of exchange and downplayed by other forms? Growth itself is an exchange, we take in oxygen and give out CO2. Are plants using us? Is there anything particular to the notion of ‘use’ that you are referring to?

    “you see similarities in function of different classes of society”

    This is a wonderful observation Pooja. The similarities in functions- perhaps if we all kept this awareness we would always be in touch with our common humanity.

  2. pooja24

    The word use comes up a lot, even in our day to day lives. In human interaction most of the time, when the exchange happens to the benefit of one and nothing to the other, the feeling of of use is evoked.

    “do not let her sit with you this way, she will use you and then leave”.

    In this particular line, the word use comes off as something negative or wrong. Personally, I think the word use in this sense is perhaps wrongly used. What would be more appropriate to say would be ‘misused’. In the response i am referring to this particular notion of use where one is possibly misused.

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