Piyush’s Reflections

Reflection to Jyoti’s class

I realised a whole new meaning of performance being their in the discussion. We reflected on very normal things like our gender, our age, our lingo on a really interesting level which was quite alien and interesting for me. We discussed about our bodies shaping our behaviours and activities and how we perform through it.

While being a part of the market, in the “being invisible exercise” , i explored a very unque level of the process of observation. It actually made me aware how people perform their parts in different spaces and with different people. Though i never realised it with myself, as myself performing my gender or anything. A lot of inputs for this activity came from my observation of my character and the space , but still their was considerable influence coming from my insight. This is what makes me think, our bodies respond very naturally to the space around us and change our behaviours. This happened with me ( i guess) because i took the character and space very personally . Our only presence, that is presence of our bodies speaks a lot of things, everything else we do is just further communication adding to it.

the switchboard exercise was strongly targetted at inducing participation among the people of K.R.Market with certain themes of ours. We wanted to get them involved in our so called artistic process and then get a response from them. In a way we made them connect to their own world of activities that they perfrom. In the process we wanted them to realise the activities of their fellow workers at the same market. We made them perform like their fellow workers, a way to ask them to look around their own world of performance. Most of the interaction we made was around bodies, identities and activities.

Sculpture exercise was profound use of bodies for talking. The exercise was to identify an aspect of  K.R.Market and bring it to people by performance , and also involve them in the process. It was mutual interaction with them using body as a clear medium.


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