Piyush Kumar Kashyap

Reflections on Exchange

1. Who did you exchange places with?

> in the beginning with a Pan Shop vendor but eventually i realised i am sharing the space not only in the shop but in the market. Their is an interaction between him and the market and neighbouring shopkeepers which i had to build.

2. What did you consider while getting ready or dressing for the event?

>I wanted to be a member of the space and that is why i tried to bring maximum believe-ability  in my dress. I considered the visual appearance of their clothes that comes from what they wear, how clean do they appear and how do people manage their clothes. I  looked upon the colours and patterns they choose as it reflects their taste and mindsets, also their accessories that sometimes are strong symbols of their culture,religion or society.

3. What were the events that occurred and what happened?

> I was recognized as a trainee assistant in the shop as i wasn’t very quick and smart with customers. Language came as a big problem in the beginning, lateron i was just responding to their gestures and transactions. I did transaction around Rs50-60.

4. What did you feel about what occurred?

>I was really moved by the way my person managed his life and his shops, how he trusted me and helped me for my assignment without any shelfish accounts, I wonder if i would have done the same for anyone else! It was really inspiring and learning to be there with them and perform as them,in a way living a glimpse of them! It was avery different perspective of observation this time. Also,for the first time i noticed the buyers and interated with them in a whole new level.

5. What were your insights about what happened? What are your thoughts after reflecting on what transpired today?

>I think it is a deeper level of observation when you actually be that person rather than observing them as artists or photographers or whatever. This is i guess my first sincere learning from Theatre 🙂



spaces and us 3As designers and artists we deal a lot with spaces. I noticed this long time back when i was making a really silly comics. Though this thought was not much articulated then, that was when it got kind of  started.

We, as normal human beings interact a lot with spaces.                                   Sometimes at home going around a space searching for something used to get me  irritated like hell. The connection with spaces and us is just there in us. Even when Siddhartha left everything he had and possessed a control over his mind he had to find an apt.  space for him to meditate (and that was the Bodhi tree). Human mind just can’t get without it. We have been trying to manage with spaces throughout our lives, in our fridge, in a telephone directory, in civil planning or anywhere you can think of !!

As people who design, create, innovate, we need to be very sensitive towards spaces. India is a country where diversity coexists. Being insensitive has already costed us a lot and there is a lot more to happen (good or bad ,we can change ! ).

My reflections


4 responses to “Piyush Kumar Kashyap

  1. Saumitra Chandratreya

    I agree with you,
    and diversity doesn’t just coexist but diverse things support each other and sometimes even depend on each other for existence. In similar ways spaces also coexist with support of one another and that makes the whole thing very interesting.

  2. piyushkashyap

    same difference !

  3. geetu

    “I wanted to be a member of the space and that is why i tried to bring maximum believe-ability in my dress. “.”their accessories that sometimes are strong symbols of their culture,religion or society.”

    Piyush, is it then that the visual is the first indication of belonging- if you look like them, you can belong to them? In which other ways can you belong to a space? Kinshuk in his response talks of not being able to visually integrate because of his fair skin; he speaks of trying to belong by his engagement through the activity. What do you feel about the idea of belonging through form versus action? Is there a difference in the kind of belonging one feels through common action versus through common appearance?

    • piyushkashyap

      hello geetu
      thanks for your response

      what we are doing as a part of theatre workshops is confusing me very much(but, in a good way!), I will update my reflections on the activity very soon along with my response to Deepak, which he has asked us to give within a week…

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