Geetanjali Sachdev

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  1. geetu

    Feedback on the PPT on Switchboard Ideas for KR Market:

    Hello everyone,

    Firstly- congratulations on stepping up your PPT skills. The presentation showed that you have paid attention to the layout, in terms of type, color and hierarchy of information. Keep it up!
    Now for the content of the presentation- some of the ideas are great in themselves and others have aspects that would be interesting to incorporate into one single interaction. And it is good to aim at self- realization for the audience but that happens at different times for different people and you need to keep that in mind when planning the interaction.
    After your session with Deepak at KR Market today would be good time to discuss the ideas some more.

  2. geetu

    Assignment 3: Performance & Pedagogy

    Dr Jyoti Argade led a class discussion during which explored the relationship between performance and pedagogy. Using your public art performance in the City Market as a site of inquiry, she first explored with you the idea of performance as a research methodology. She then introduced to you the notion that the body can be located as a site of discourse and the ethics of negotiating relationships with communities where public art occurs.

    Draw upon your the last 3 interactions in KR market, the Undercover exercise, the improvised version of Dharmang’s Switchboard & the Sculpting exercise with Deepak. Respond to the ideas explored by Jyoti in the context of these 3 interactions. Draw upon aspects of any part of these interactions which according to you, intersected with the ideas explored in the class- performance as a research methodology, the body as a site of discourse and the ethics of negotiating relationships.

    Please respond to this assignment on your individual blogs by 5 p.m. Sunday, August 16, 2009.

    Thank you.

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