The Final Projects

Hello friends,

The course is nearing its end and we have to start thinking about our final projects , and i guess most of us have atleast somethings in mind !

Apart from this Saumitra was tellling me that Geetu has something in stock for us,some idea that we can work on, i have not been able to talk to her about that ..

So,whats goin on in your mind !?

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4 responses to “The Final Projects

  1. tanveenabar

    Well i shared my bit on wanting to work with body image. also apparently, huda said tanuja never did anything with body image. but ill still find out.

  2. nehabhat34

    Hi Piyush,

    The course is hardly nearing its end. Our period of free-flowing exploration might be.
    Well, I don’t think I’m at an apt time to state what I want to do.I don’t see the need for a ‘final’ anything and I’m trying to be careful while thinking of framing things because I don’t want to tarnish the multitudes of experience in my head.

    Let us see.

    • piyushkashyap

      very true,
      and this is what I want to know!

      I really wanted to make a film or an animation (as usual :)), but as the course went on,it broke every single planned influence I had, and so much we learned, so much we did, is still very dynamic in me!

      I have started making mindmaps and thinking about the project but the process of reflecting and organizing my learnings from the activities we did and we are doing still takes the front seat… there are just too many things, and most of them are fresh and new in my life 😛

      My brief talk to Geetu after Jyoti’s class was a single shot clarification! We have to do our projects related to Public spaces, that means, it contests the public space or public in some ways and involves the element of pedagogy!

      ‘still a surface level description!

      Am eagerly waiting for those set of question Geetu has framed for us to shape the intentions of our projects 🙂

      • piyushkashyap

        and ya,
        Someone from market called me[piyush],
        He asked me if you[Neha] had breakfast or not,
        I told him not to worry about you,
        He said he is missing you and wants you back on Monday.

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