Micro spaces / public interaction

This is a really powerfull microscope made in the hacteria workshop,and it is made only of a digicam.It’s really cheap,easy to make and easy to use!

At the last day of this workshop they plan to get these devices out of the lab and use it in public spaces, for viewing materials like pond water,sewage,rust on buses, normal drinking water,etc involving the public aswell.

Similar devices are also being proposed in the area of public health, for quick and interactive medical works like blood test (it can detect micro-particles like maleria virus).

I think it is a very interesting interaction with public spaces or even spaces in general, and is also quite different from what we have been doing. Since the workshop runs on a very flexible basis, each one of us should go and check these things out.

get more info on http://hackteria.org/wiki



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3 responses to “Micro spaces / public interaction

  1. tanveenabar

    cool! u think we could mayb collaborate with this or something? i no piyush attended this, so atleast one of us has the know how!

  2. piyushkashyap

    piyush and kinshuk attended the workshop
    and its really cool, I am just in love with it, though I still to figure out the programming part out….hahahaha

  3. piyushkashyap

    Is anyone in our group want to join me with this,I am just about to give a detailed overview of what I want to do…
    I built a web cam microscope, and I make it portable enough to carry to different places. I really think it is a very interesting interactive exploration to do around public,considering it as a medium.

    We need to think about how we take this device to public. How will we explain what an microscope is ? Are they really interested in seeing what naked eyes can not ( or they simply don’t care), Is it awareness that can change something, will they take this as an awareness or just as a fancy instrument? ….

    Except K.R.Market I am also thinking about other public spaces like Forum for one instance.

    I am taking this forward,its really fascinating for me to see the micro world around me !! and I really consider it a string medium!

    one point, micro world does not means tiny-cellular objects only, it can be a bee and flower nectar in its stomach or just patterns on the leaves and petals.

    Just imagine how much fun it would be to project them!

    lovely,I say !! 🙂

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